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Published on : Jul 21, 2014

According to doctors in U.K., 12 babies were born using a safer method of getting eggs for use in IVF treatment. Kisspeptin, a naturally occurring hormone is used for stimulating ovaries of women to produce more eggs.

A report in the Journal of Clinical Investigation stated that the pregnancies show that the hormone has been a success as it allowed getting more eggs safely.

Many fertility researchers are hoping that this hormone will prevent the ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome or OHSS. However, more clinical trials are needed to assess and determine the complete safety of this hormone.

Normally, a hormone called hCG is used to produce a few number of eggs required for IVF treatment. However, around 10% of the patients’ ovaries go into overdrive, and the overstimulation leads to production of too many eggs. This condition can cause to kidney failure and in certain cases to death.

During 2003, a team of U.K. researchers discovered kisspeptin. This hormone is heavily involved in the menstrual cycle, and without this hormone females cannot go through puberty properly. The team of researchers at the Imperial College of London think that kisspeptin hormone can stimulate the hormone in a much gentler and natural way which can prevent the ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome.

The first clinical trial on humans involved 53 volunteer couples from the Hammersmith Hospital in London. In the trial, eggs were collected from 51 women, out of which 12 have given birth. The first patient that went through the study got pregnant and that was the best outcome they expected out of the study.

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