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Bright Food Expecting Great Success in the Coming Years from the Rabbit Creamy Vanilla Sweets

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Published on : May 07, 2015

The return of White Rabbit creamy vanilla sweets of China across the globe can be a signal of many more thanks to come their way. In 1972, Zhou Enlai, introduced these iconic sweets, which are made from whole milk powder and offered to Richard Nixon, the President of the U.S., during his visit. Presently, the officials from Shanghai are offering these sweets to the trade show visitors at Milan.

Bright Food, the state-owned food group, who owns this brand with the purpose to emphasize its footprint across the globe, changed its ingredients. The initial White Rabbit sweets were made using whole milk powder; however, now it is made with milk powder that is produced by the New Zealand dairy companies. Bright Food is a leading player worldwide and has very big aims for the future for China as well as on international terms.

Jiefang Daily has reported that the U.S.’ Association of Food Industries has given a prediction that the size of the China’s imported food market would go ahead by 480 billion yuan (HK$608 billion) in the year 2018; by then the nation would have become the world’s biggest importer of food products.

Bright Food has been very fast in acknowledging the increasing appetite among the wealthy people of China for safer and healthier imported food, which includes chocolates, biscuits, sweets, and fruits. However, this demand has not yet recorded any high profits for the Bright Food company and other food companies of China.

As a result, Bright Food is hoping that after so many years of importing quality food from other nations to one of the fastest growing domestic market, a small change can improve the business structure for high success.