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Brain Corp Partners with Walmart to Supply AI Services

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Published on : Dec 05, 2018

Walmart recently announced its agreement with Bain Corp, a software technology company. This company will supply AI services to Walmart to enhance and update their store. The platform provided by Brain Corp operates around hundreds of Walmart retail stores across the U.S. The platform named Brain OS is responsible for providing efficient data collection and self-directed navigation.

Walmart to invest in 360 BrainOS Devices by January 2019

BrainOS platform is integrated with floor scrubbers. It enables the operators to map a route easily and later activate independent floor cleaning. The in-built robot senses the people and objects in its surroundings thus ensuring optimal performance and safety. One of the senior heads at Walmart stated that they were pretty excited to work with Brain Corp. He added that the company is helping them expand their operations and also supporting their associates with reliable and safe technology. In addition to this, the AI platform is assisting Walmart’s store operators to complete tedious tasks and concentrate more on customer service.

The CEO of Brain Corp stated that they were delighted to partner with the giant retail store Walmart. He further revealed that the BrainOS platform enables robots to safely and effectively function in crowded and complex environments. The technology ensures high-level efficiency in all applications and increases productivity. By the end of January 2019, Walmart is planning to invest in 360 BrainOS technology platforms.