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Bord Bia Launches Online Food and Beverages Shop in China

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Published on : Nov 06, 2015

Bord Bia has partnered with SF Best, one of the leading ecommerce platforms of China, which will manage the company’s online sale and promotion of Irish food and beverages for the next 12 months. 

During the initial months of promotion, the online shop will focus on premium Irish seafood. However, over the following months, the SFBest site will focus on the sale and promotion of products including alcoholic beverages and Kerrygold dairy range. 

Asia Director for Bord Bia James O Donnell has also entered into an agreement with George Li, the SF Group Vice President, and the ceremony was also attended by China Paul Kavanagh, the ambassador of Ireland. 

O Donnell called this partnership as an ideal agreement for Bord Bia. He said that Chinese families trust Irish food as clean, safe, and healthy choice. He also said that SFBest is trusted by the families in China for the company’s impressive record of secure and safe logistics. 

SF best is an ancillary of SF Express Group, based in China, which leads the market in the field of delivery logistics and records an annual turnover of over €1.7 bn. 

The company at presents operates through 2800 stores across China. Its services are particularly attuned for Irish food exporters. Furthermore the company’s ecommerce business is often touted as the leader in frozen as well as fresh imported produce. SF Best has reported an annual turnover of over €150 mn and over 1.5 mn people visits the website every day. 

Bord Bia has also said that online shopping for food and beverages in China is increasingly becoming an essential part of the purchasing habits of Chinese consumers. 

In the first three months of its operations in 2015 alone, the Chinese online shopping exhibited transaction exceeding RMB750 bn, which demonstrated an increase of 45% from the online shopping transactions in food and beverages were registered in 2013.