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Boeing Tests Flying Cars to Usher in Futuristic Transport

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Published on : Jan 24, 2019

Flying cars are projected to be the future of modern, urban transportation. Hence, most transportation companies these days are trying to hone technologies to shape it into a reality soon.

Recently Boeing Co., for example, tried out a new prototype of its flying car. They managed to hover it for a short while in the air in an inaugural test flight. This is a small but important step. It has the potential to disrupt both the urban transportation and parcel delivery processes.  

Boeing along with competitor Airbus SE and several other firms is aiming to launch small self-flying vehicles that can take off and land.

These companies are making the big bet on flying vehicles emboldened by the tremendous progress in the domain of autonomous technologies. Another factor egging them to take such initiatives is the rising traffic congestion on roads.

Once their efforts fructify, it could change the face of the aerospace industry in the next one decade.

Boeing’s Flying Car Hovers in Air for Whole One Minute

Now coming back to Boeing’s tests – its 9 meter aircraft which is a mix of a helicopter, fixed-wing plane, and drone lifted a couple of feet off the ground. It also managed to make a soft landing after hovering in the air for a minute or so. Boeing conducted the test at an airport in Manassas, Virginia.

Despite looking so promising, there are a few challenges nonetheless, that Boeing needs to overcome. Those mostly pertain to security and regulatory issues. It also pertain to seamlessly blending road traffic with the futuristic flying cars.