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BMW Chinas Focus is on Plastics Emissions

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Published on : Sep 03, 2015

The question is how does BMW AG furnish specific needs to Chinese consumers’ for better air in their cars? This has raised questions especially as the country strives with severe air pollution. 


BMW China Services commented that their customers have a problem from the odor, fogs, and emissions present in the car. The odor is the first thing that is smelt very quickly the moment one steps in the car. Fog is the next thing one realizes after entering the vehicle. Sometimes one takes a couple of weeks to see the film on the window and then there is a need to clean it. Mostly customers detest that as indoor emissions don’t smell but one also somehow feels them. This can cause dizziness and headaches and that is why they are taken care by all these kinds of emissions.  


On July 10, Wolfgang Pohl spoke about the company’s work ethics and policies on plastics emissions in Shanghai. All the regulations started in 1994 where the tests emissions of materials, parts, and other manufacturing processes were conducted.    


The process is far more stringent that the Chinese standard and measures the whole set of substances. 


The company has target measures for 70 substances, out of which 30 or 40 of them could never be found because they are eliminated. However, there are toxicological investigations for 70 substances to know the maximum limit allowed for cars. The chemicals included are benzene, formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, and nitrosamines. 


Pohl, added that emissions testing is done after a week of storage in aluminum foil. He also said the BMW suppliers are required to provide in-depth information about the parts that are supplied by them or made by them. He also expressed his thoughts to the group on the current and future trends in emissions testing. The future is in question having one standard for the isometrics.