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Blue Vision secures $14.5M in Funding led by GV for its ‘Shared’ AR

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Published on : Mar 16, 2018

Notwithstanding the widespread awareness about disruptive potential of virtual reality technologies, chances are faint that one might have heard of ‘shared’ or ‘collaborative’ augmented reality (AR) environment. AR applications are creating many a life-changing, amazing experiences for users with innovative ways of engagement with the outer world. In particular, AR gaming increasingly popularized by Pokémon GO, has enthralled many in the gaming market. Adding a new dimension to these experiences will be collaborative AR wherein multiple users can revel in the same AR technology environment, as never witnessed before.

Blue Vision Labs, a U.K. startup, pioneering in innovative AR experiences, is creating a new technology platform in what it considers will add the collaborative angle to AR by enables a growing number of people use AR at the same time. To this end, the London-based company has secured US$14.5Mn in a funding round led by Google Ventures (GV), the venture capital arm of Alphabet Inc., Google’s parent company. The company since its inception in 2011 has largely been working in stealth but is now making news with unveiling of new AR technologies. 

Collaborative AR to boost Mass Adoption

Despite the giant stride AR technology has taken in recent years, several factors act as bottlenecks hindering its mass adoption. One such aspect probably is the need for tailored hardware to make the experience seamless. However, Blue Vision hopes to change this with its technology powered by its application programming interface (API) and software development kit (SDK) for developers to capitalize on them. Of note, the company won’t be building any app on its own. This makes the initiative of the company widely different and unique from others in the market, notably Facebook with its virtual reality headset Oculus not paying off.

Blue Vision’s AR technology Taking navigation Apps to New Level

Blue Vision’s AR technology platform is poised to unlock exciting potential of AR, notably in navigation with enhanced spatial accuracy. This might prove potentially useful in ride-hailing apps used by Uber.

The new Series A funding follows the new Seed round participated by investment firms such as SV Angel, Horizons Ventures Limited, and Accel Partners. These firms also took part in the recent funding round.