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Blackberry Making Efforts to Ensure Better Safety of IoT Devices

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Published on : Jan 08, 2019

In this technology-driven world, one can actually vouch to ensure the security of anyone’s data. With the introduction IoT devices that are easily connected and can be operated from distant has given more advanced to the hackers. In the past few years, hackers have time and again demonstrated their skills by cracking down some of the most crucial data across the globe. Seeing this scenario, BlackBerry launched new products with advanced security.

The Bigger Goal

The product developed by BlackBerry ensures devices safety and security. It also plans to license the products to various companies manufacturing IoT devices including TVs, bulbs, refrigerators, and smart lights. Products that will be using BlackBerry tech will bill themselves as BlackBerry Secure.

BlackBerry is emphasizing on mobile technology that is licensed by other companies. Moreover, they are shifting away from smartphone manufacturing. The aim of the company is to make people believe in the security provided by them.

The company will release software that is capable of barricading unapproved code from running on a device.  This will help in preventing attacks like Mirai that occurred in 2016. During this attack, hackers conscripted hordes of IoT devices that included security cameras and home routers into a botnet to crack down a critical internet server.

There are other companies as well trying to make it easier for manufacturers to build a safer IoT.  Companies like Google and Amazon are offering services to help secure connected devices. For example, Amazon has AWS IoT and Google has Android for IoT.

Maybe the time is perfect for BlackBerry and its partners to provide better and advanced solutions to secure one’s data. It is not long when customers across the globe faced data privacy scandals including Google and Facebook.