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Birth Control Pills Augments the Risk of Breast Cancer

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Published on : Dec 07, 2017

In a recent research that studied around 1.8 million Danish women for more than a decade concluded that modern birth control pills substantially increase the risk of breast cancer. Women believe that the contraceptives that are available today are way safer than those taken by their mothers and grandmothers, however, the study proves such a notion to be wrong.

Progestin Increases the Risk of Breast Cancer

The findings of the study indicate that for every 100,000 women, use of birth control pills result in 13 additional instances of breast cancer every year. As such, it can be said that for every 100,000 women who take hormonal contraceptives, it might lead to 68 cases of breast cancer per year. This is as opposed to 55 cases per year amongst those who do not take such birth control pills.

Whilst the relationship between breast cancer and contraceptives has been established already quite a few years ago, the formulations of the contraceptives have not been studied so far. The current study further delves into the detailed formulations of the modern day birth control pills and devices and has discovered differences in risks between various formulations. It also reveals that intrauterine devices and implants that release hormone into the uterus directly also cannot protect women. The research suggests that the hormone progestin that is mostly used in today’s contraceptives is largely responsible for breast cancer.

The study, however, has some limitations. It could not take into certain factors such as breast feeding, consumption of alcohol, physical activity etc. into account. These factors might also influence the risk of breast cancer.