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Birth Control Now Available Through Apps in US

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Published on : Jun 23, 2016

Women in the US might no longer need to visit a doctor in order to get birth control. These personal doctor visits might soon become obsolete thanks to technology. Birth control will be made available to women through a number of mobile apps. 

The Lemonaid app is among several other apps that women can use in order to get birth control. Others include Virtuwell, Nurx, and Maven. A questionnaire will need to be filled out along with a photograph for verification. A doctor will then review the form before prescribing birth control. Some apps also let users Facetime with a physician. 

Planned Parenthood’s Birth Control App on the List 

Planned Parenthood’s Spot On! is designed to aid people in managing the various forms of birth control they are on. For instance, if someone is on the pill, they will receive a text reminder each day at a fixed time to take the pill. In case of a Depo shot, the user will get a reminder about the time to make an appointment. According to Planned Parenthood’s associate director of external affairs Vera Lynn DiPietro, the Spot On! app was launched on March 29 on iOS and already has an estimated 90,000 downloads. This number includes around 99,000 sessions per week and over 20,000 active users per week. The app will now be available to Android users by the end of this month. Users can also use the Spot On! app to track their menstrual cycles and there is no minimum age limit to use to app. 

Telemedicine Reaching Patients On the Go

Dr. Deborah Herchelroath, an OB/GYN at Woodward and Associates in Pennsylvania believes telemedicine is only beginning to take off. People who live in areas that do not have easy access to a physician, can get medical help and advice through a computer or a mobile phone. Be that as it may, Dr. Herchelroath is concerned about the declining face-to-face visits with a physician. She states that it is equally important to have a physician on standby to answer questions, explain certain procedures, or address concerns.