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Birds Can Handle Alcohol Better Than Humans: Study

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Published on : Jan 02, 2015

This may come as a surprise, but birds too slur after consuming alcohol. This fact was concluded by a team of scientists who also found that when it comes to booze, birds can hold their liquor much better than we humans. 

Zebra finches, the birds in question, will slur while singing after consuming juice that has been spiked with liquor. The study published by the group of scientists from Oregon Health and Science University also concluded that the Zebra finches sing quieter after drinking alcohol and tend to be less organized which is a main reason for their slurring. 

The scientists are trying to determine the effect of alcohol on the talking pattern of humans. While the effect of liquor on cognitive functions has been studied, speech impairment due to liquor is still an area that holds many mysteries. The study states that there is shortage of appropriate and up-to-date data that assesses vocalization effects keeping in mind the right “experimental model organism”. 

Just as humans, the birds - once given the chance of consuming alcohol - did not hesitate to drink and did not want to stop drinking it either. While there were no other apparent signs of being drunk, alcohol did hamper the birds’ ability to sing especially high notes for a continued period of time. However, alcohol did not affect the birds’ desire to sing. None of the other aspects of their behavior was affected by the liquor, the study showed, even when the tiny animals consumed a level of alcohol that would normally be considered to be dangerous for human beings.

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