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Biotech Firm and L’Oreal team up to Create 3D Print Skin

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Published on : May 20, 2015

Skin products from cosmetic companies such as L'Oreal need to be tested for their safety to ensure that their blend does not irritate or harm the skin. This is a major challenge that cosmetic companies have to face. So, it is not that surprising that the firm L’Oreal USA which is one of the largest subsidiaries of the French based cosmetics company has announced to the public about a new program.

This new partnership program is with the 3D printing human organ specialist firm Organovo. Earlier this month a press release stated that the collaboration of these two companies will leverage the 3D specialist company’s proprietary NovoGen Bioprinting Platform along with the L’Oreal expertise in engineering of skin to construct a 3D printing skin tissue as a step towards product evaluation and other related areas of advanced research.

The 3D printing firm Organovo is a leading company in the nascent sector of 3D bio printing that is essentially a field which involves employing 3D printing techniques to construct scaffold of cells. These will be grown organically then to make it into a working tissue. The firm made headlines past year when it started selling their 3D printed livers to several pharmaceutical companies in an attempt to test new drugs which are using 3D printing technologies.

In a similar way, L’Oreal has displayed an obvious need for fast, cheap, and harmless ways to test their products. The company has a subsidiary which is known as Episkin that sells human skin tissue and previously acquired skin engineering firms.

With the advent of skin printing technology, this technology can be used for more impactful purposes other than anti-wrinkle cream.