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Biometric Airport Kiosks to Offer Faster Clearance – Advancements in Technology to Drive Growth

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Published on : Jul 01, 2016

The global airport kiosks market is one of the fastest growing markets in the global technology and media industry. With the consistently rising number of airline passengers, the global airline industry is set for a steady growth. Since recent years, most of the airports have been adopting latest technologies and innovative services to offer better comfort to passengers. Kiosks are being increasingly adopted by airlines around the world. Biometric airport kiosks are a new trend in the global market. The rising IT spending on developing airports and the rising demand for self-service systems will drive the global airport kiosks market.  

Airline passengers are increasingly accepting self-service systems such as self-ticketing, self-boarding, check-in, and bag printing. The new biometric kiosks are revolutionizing the global market. Features of advanced airport kiosks such as faster clearance and effort-free custom check have attracted many airports around the globe. The introduction of biometric kiosks in the U.S. has motivated other nations to adopt the new technologies for their airports. Ease of movement of passengers without compromising their safety has created demand for the biometric airport kiosks in recent years. 

How will the deployment of new kiosks by airports benefit the global market?

Recently Copenhagen’s Kastrup Airport introduced its new self-scanning passport kiosks that use face recognition. The fully automated kiosks are meant to be used by people traveling to locations outside Schengen. This effort shows that airports have started taking efforts to be up-to-date with the new advancements. The face recognition application installed in these new automated kiosks compare the traveler’s face to their photograph in the passport. Such automated biometric kiosks are expected to save passport processing time for the airport authorities as well as the passengers. 

With many airports from around the world planning to deploy the biometric kiosks, the global market is expected to benefit in the near future. The trend of privatization is increasingly being seen at international airports. This has helped the domestic airports to adopt to changes to stay in the competition. With an increase in the investment in wireless connectivity, check-in kiosks, and automated solutions, IT spending is predicted to rise. This is expected to benefit the global airport kiosks market.