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Biogen’s Multiple Sclerosis Drug Shows Some Positive Results for Repairing Eye Nerve Damage

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Published on : Jan 09, 2015

Studies have concluded that Biogen Idec Inc.’s experimental drug for multiple sclerosis can also be effectively used to repair nerve damage in eyes. This is a positive step for developing a drug that can reverse the progression of nerve damage of the eyes.

In trials involving 82 patients, the drug demonstrated a 34% improvement in the patients who underwent the complete trial. The results were minutely short below the threshold that counts as statistical significance. When the patients who did not complete the study were considered, results were still positive but short of the statistical significance, Biogen stated about the study. 

Biogen, whose shares increased by a 2.2 percent early today and stood at US$361, is a company which generates most of its revenues from multiple sclerosis medicines such as the Tecfidera. The company is looking to develop novel drug formulae for multiple sclerosis, a medical condition that grapples nearly 2.3 million people across the globe. There is currently no approved cure for it, only medicines that can help manage symptoms and suppress the immune system.

The news regarding Biogen drug’s effectiveness for regenerating nerves has come forward as a huge hope for developments in the field of rebuilding the nervous system. This will allow an effective treatment of MS and help impart some functions back to people who live with MS. 

Multiple sclerosis causes the immune system to attack myelin, a substance that plays an important role in protecting nerve fibers. Due to multiple sclerosis, patients experience things issues with degrading vision and walking. 

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