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Published on : Mar 31, 2016

Most major opportunities in any field always come with a catch, and big data solutions are no exception to this rule. The transition from conventional data management to using big data analytics seems almost inevitable, owing to the enormous amount of data being churned on a daily basis in almost every sector. Therefore, companies need to consider what they stand to gain or lose in the race to utilize the best of big data solutions.

The Incoming Cloud
The advent of cloud computing has led to most companies storing their data on the cloud, instead of conventional in-house server storages. This itself allows companies to save a massive chunk of their revenue and convert it to profit or further investment. What remains challenging still is the different types of data and the various sources that they are derived from. There is a completely new level of data that needs to be managed now, and old school methods are not going to cut it. The new methods of taking in all this data, to organize it and to manage it in a safe and responsible manner have now become the biggest concerns for any company. These factors are opening new doors of business, as well as helping businesses gain more from their efforts. But it could also make these companies lose more money than they make, if this is not done correctly.

Big Data Management
One of the most critical aspects of data management when using remotely stored data, is to measure the time taken for each aspect. One of the most trending topics in this market is the need to manage larger chunks of data and also to gain real-time analytics for it. This could prove highly useful for businesses that have to move on a minute to minute basis.

Data scientists are still struggling to try and come up with a straight shooting answer for the world’s big data problem. In the meanwhile, it is getting more and more tough trying to make sense of the huge pools of data that have been siloed, without any major and efficient solutions to analyze this data.