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Bid for Faster, Distant Communication Solutions Paves Way for Telecommunication Solutions

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Published on : Dec 22, 2015

History says, man’s first attempts fir distance communication were extremely limited. The bid for the quick, accurate, and efficient transfer of information is driving mankind for innovation. From smoke and fire signals that were used by prehistoric man to optical fiber networks of the present, the aim is transfer of information without loss or amend of the information.

Telecommunications, or telecommunication as it is also called, is the science and technology of distant communication. On design perspective, a complete telecommunication circuit comprises two stations, each of which are equipped with a receiver and a transmitter. At any station, the transmitter and receiver are sometimes combined to form a transceiver. The signal is transmitted either through electrical cable or wire, optical fiber, or through electromagnetic fields. Particularly for electromagnetic fields, the transmission and reception of data in free-space is called wireless.

In a simplest telecommunication set-up, two stations are connected. However, the common set-up involves multiple stations for transmitting and receiving data to exchange information among themselves. This type of an arrangement is called a telecommunication network, of which the Internet is the largest telecommunication network. 

Some small scale telecommunication networks include telephone networks, taxicab dispatch networks, academic and corporate wide-area networks (WANs), police and fire communication systems, and amateur radio operator groups.

In totality, the telecommunication industry is made up of device systems and technologies for communication to happen over long distances. With the industry evolving leaps and bounds, the initial years of wired telephony is passé. In current times, cutting-edge optical fibers, wireless communications, satellite communications, and internet define the telecommunication industry.  

Another advantage of modern telecommunication systems is the far reach at affordable prices. Both for fixed point and wireless communication networks, the subscriber base has increased thanks to competitive services and appealing pricing from service providers. For these reasons, the services are within the reach of average consumers, leading to the expansion of the industry.

In a recent industry news, telecom giant Vodafone Mobile Service Ltd and its associated companies has moved the High Court, wherein they are challenging Telecommunication Interconnect Usage Charges Regulations that are laid by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India.

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