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Best Evidence of Existence of Unusual Black Hole Captured

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Published on : Jun 20, 2018

Consequent upon a new study carried out at the Space Science Center at the University of New Hampshire, the strongest evidence of the existence of middle-of-the road black hole has been revealed. The elusive black hole was serendipitously captured while in action devouring a star that it had encountered. While the existence of small black holes even the super-massive ones has been proven, the existence of intermediate-mass black holes has so far been hotly debated.

The research’s outcome is believed to be worthwhile supported by a substantial amount of credible data. It has helped to pinpoint black hole’s mass and understand the behavior of this spectacular event. Prior to this, research carried out have observed similar events, including those carried out by Space Science Center but they were either captured too late or were very far off.

Use of Satellite Imaging aided Significant Observation Maiden time

This study involved use of satellite imaging that helped observe meaningful sign of activity for the first time. The team discovered a humongous multiwavelength flare of radiation from the outskirts of a distant galaxy. Over time, the brightness of the blaze subsided exactly how it is expected when devoured by a black hole. Looking at this case, the star was disrupted in October 2003 while the radiation it created subsided in the next decade. As a matter of fact, the distribution of photons discharged with energy depends on the size of the black hole. The data so obtained serves to provide a robust ways to determine the black hole’s size.

For the study, researchers used data was gathered from an orbiting X-ray telescope trio, which included NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory, Swift Satellite, and ESA’s XMM-Newton.