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Benefits of Increased Shelf Life and Reduced Wastage Ensures Bright Future for Specialty Ingredients

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Published on : Apr 04, 2016

Specialty ingredients find use in foods and beverages, health and nutrition products, and also in cosmetics and personal care products to add a distinct benefit to the core recipe, which in turn, is advantageous for both manufacturers and consumers. Specialty ingredients add benefits of improved taste, longer shelf life, enhanced texture, increased nutrition, and better visual appeal among other benefits.

Specialty ingredients such as acids, flavors, citric acid, vinegar, salts, antioxidants, flavor enhancers, starch, and corn syrup are used in the preparation of a large number of foods and beverages with reasons of increasing shelf life and also to preserve the flavor, freshness, and nutritional value of these foods. Specialty ingredients inhibit bacterial growth, prevent souring of dairy products, and degeneration of food generally. 

Use of Specialty Ingredients Helps Prevent Food Spoilage 

Food and beverages are susceptible to perishing or rotting due to temperature, humidity reasons that are conducive for the growth of microbial cultures. Thus, the inclusion of specialty ingredients helps to increase the shelf life of foods and beverages, which in turn, helps reduce spoilage of large volume of these products. Typically, two or more specialty ingredients are added in food products for enhancing its quality and protecting from microbial growth.

Similar to introducing specialty ingredients for food and beverages, product manufacturers are focused on developing specialty ingredients for personal care products. This is mainly to increase the shelf life and preserve the fragrance of these products.

Natural Specialty Ingredients Exhibit Demand for Personal Care Products

Specialty ingredients are finding way in personal care products due to their association with slowing the aging process or even completely terminating it. These attributes have led to the increased use of specialty ingredients in personal products for a large population that are obsessed about reversing the aging process and maintain a young appeal.

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