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Beijing Invites to Taste Some of its Authentic Food Preparations

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Published on : May 28, 2015

The culinary profile of Beijing has been changed substantially over the last decade, which has given prime focus on the genuine culinary experiences and a bit less on the formal way of fine dining. According to Chief Executive Officer of the Rosewood Hotel Group, Sonia Cheng and also a native of Beijing stated that the direction that they are following currently is towards authentic, smaller, casual, and informal eateries. The mentioned approach to eat out is quite genuine, which bears a focus on the food, and not on the fuss. Sonia Cheng has given observations that most of the restaurants are getting involved in the historic buildings and its settings, and using these heritage sites and a sense of the place to enhance the experience of fine dining.

A Chinese American Cherry Li, and is into freelance food photography and living in Beijing, stats that the food scenario has become more visible and vibrant in the past few years. Cherry Li further added that there are a lot of authentic foreign restaurants, which are catering to the different expat communities. 

Sonia Cheng personally insists that anyone who is making a trip to Beijing should definitely start with a perfect dish of Peking duck. The Peking duck dish is traditionally associated with the city of Beijing. The dish almost dates back to the Imperial era of China; due to which Cheng suggest that any visit to Beijing without this dish can be termed as an incomplete one. Duck de Chine, one of the fine restaurants in Beijing offers a perfect and delicious preparation of Peking duck. On the other hand, Cherry Li gives her suggestion on trying the Dadong Duck, which is her personal favorite.