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Beer Sales Climbing Double the Pace of GDP Growth in Asia Pacific

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Published on : Dec 15, 2015

The Asia Pacific beer market has been witnessing an exceptional surge in market valuation, thanks to the escalating number of beer consumers in the region. The sales of beer have climbed almost double the pace of GDP growth over the past five years in many of the Asian economies including China, Philippines, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, and some parts of India. China has emerged as the largest beer market in Asia Pacific over the past few years.

Anheuser-Busch InBev, the largest brewer in the world, has placed Asia Pacific as the third largest regional market for beer across the globe, in terms of consumption volume. According to the brewer, which has recently opened a brewery in Vietnam, boosting its supplies of Beck’s beer and Budweiser, the country has the fastest growing market for beer in this region. The unit is estimated to produce up to 1 mn hectoliters of beer on an annual basis.

Another international brewer, Heineken, proclaims Asia Pacific to contribute over 70% of the total revenue generated in the global beer market over the next five years. The Dutch brewing company has increased its stake in United Breweries Ltd., the biggest brewer in India, to approx. 43% in November 2015. Till September 2015, it owned a stake of 42.07% in the Indian company.

The latest happenings in the Asia Pacific beer market is indicating towards a bright future. However, various stringent regulations enforced by several governments - Thailand has banned sales of alcohol near colleges and universities and the Government of Philippines has enforced a sin-tax on the consumption of alcohol, increasing the price of a liter of beer by 50 cents - in order to curb the consumption of alcohol is anticipated to hamper the market in this region to a certain extent.

Kirin Ichiban, OB Blue, Tsingtao, Yanjing Brewery, Asahi Super Dry, Hite, Budweiser, Sapporo, Harbin, Kingfisher, San Miguel, and Singha are the top-selling brands of the amber liquid in the Asia Pacific region.