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Beauty Products for Men Boost Global Cosmetics Market

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Published on : Feb 04, 2016

Beauty market has taken over customers across the globe by the storm. With a huge variety of products, the global cosmetics market is changing perceptions and minds of many to look a certain way, which is favoring their growth in more ways than one. From affordable to luxury brands, some of the top players in the global cosmetics market are L’Oréal International, Avon Products, Inc., The Proctor and Gamble Company, Revlon Inc. , Oriflame Cosmetics, Kao Corporation, Unilever PLC, Shiseido Corporation, Limited, Skin Food, and The Estee Lauder Companies, Inc.

Cosmetics for Men Make an Indelible Impact on the Industry
As more and more beauty products are embracing gender equality, the global cosmetics market has found itself a new set of clientele. The promise of delivering youthful skin and radiant skin tone is also luring in men who are conscious of their looks. The phenomenal rise in the number of men using cosmetics has made a huge contribution towards success of this market. 

Demand for Organic Products to Open New Avenues for Growth
Furthermore, as manufacturers are offering products that are enriched with vitamins, minerals, moisturizers, and less toxic materials the companies are gradually achieving the goal for attracting consumers who were earlier averse to the idea of using cosmetics. The biggest trend in the global cosmetics market is that of the organic products.

Ageing Population Drive Demand for Anti-ageing Products
The increasing pool of geriatric population, which is constantly in search of anti-aging creams and lotions is also fueling the growth of this market. This demographic is also a huge boost to the hair color to mask effects of premature graying and graying.

Innovation is the strongest force in the global cosmetics industry. The constant effort by manufacturers to develop products that cater to specific skin conditions and needs is expected to drive this industry in the years to come. Additionally, the aggressive branding, marketing, and advertising are positively impacting the sales of several companies, in both domestic and international markets.