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Ban on Mobiles in Classroom for Betterment of Childrens Education

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Published on : Sep 14, 2015

Above 90% of the teens carry mobile phones with them in schools. It is a fact that people cannot live without this device and school and college going children are not an exception. Agreed, mobile phones have played a very important role in the development of life greatly for all classes. Teachers of many schools in China, India, and Nigeria are worried about children carrying mobiles in classrooms in schools. According to the teachers, teens are not aware of the growing challenges, which they have to face in today’s competitive world. There has been an increase in number of cases where phones of children were ringing and messages were being shared in the middle of meetings in an assembly hall. Ofcourse, it was waste of efforts and time for the teachers who were giving lectures. 

There has been negative effects of use of mobile phones in classrooms on education over the past few years. Majority of the schools, private and state-owned, are facing issues with phone distraction and disruption in the classroom. There has been recent cases where teachers had to leave their beloved jobs just because of the disturbances caused in the classroom due to use of mobile phones. According to the teachers, with mobile phones in their pockets, the children are physically present in the classroom but mentally somewhere else. This is affecting the academic results of the children.  

Further, with possible health risks, the teachers strongly feel that use of mobile phones in the classroom should be banned. In Sweden, medical professionals have researched about possible development of cancer cells in children due to excess use of mobiles. Not to mention, the children lose their concentration as well as self-confidence in class if they constantly use mobile phones. Teens have learned to access adult websites in the mobiles during the classes, which add to the dangerous side effects of mobiles on education and children. To give classroom education its required worth, schools are planning to put a ban on use of mobile phones in the classrooms.