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Ban on Addiction Center Ads Gradually Lifted Off By Google

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Published on : Aug 03, 2018

Google has now decided to allow ads associated with addiction-related keywords and phrases to run on the Web. These ads were banned for almost a year to prevent shady providers earning by fooling vulnerable patients. A small group of providers vetted by a third party have been approved by the company to appear in results for searches such as dealing with quitting pills or with drug addictions.

More Information About Google Lifting Off the Ban

The ban was rolled out in stages starting in September last year in the States, and was further implemented globally in January this year. The ban was provoked by a several reports that showed how people were increasingly looking for help for getting rid of addictions. Most of these people were sent to addiction centers that provided insufficient treatment facilities, at a high expense.

During this time, Google promised to keep the ban in place, until they could find a permanent solution to this problem, in order to reintroduce ads in a safe and ethical manner. Each and every addiction-related ad word was completely blocked, thus limiting knowledge about such issues completely. After this, Google partnered with LegitScript, which is a Portland company that have expertise in verifying medicine-related businesses. This company has a long checklist too, to ensure that businesses are licensed and complaint with the latest norms. The checklist also provides a list of medications and treatment plans, and enumerates necessary qualifications that every addiction treatment business needs to possess.

From an overall perspective, only those recovery and addiction centers that are vetted by LegitScript will be allowed to run ads against addiction-related queries on Google. The tech giant had initially planned to clear of 30 providers, but with numerous applications, the number was expanded to 100. According to a representative from Google, ads will start running very soon after being certified.