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Balanced Use of Technology, Limited Screen-time Encouraged for Children

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Published on : Feb 03, 2015

The use of technology such as computers, Smartphones, TVs, and tablets is a regular incidence for many individuals that also include children. Technology has advantages in learning, but extreme exposure to screens may connect young kids to attention disorders.

Some of the public schools such as Crimson View Elementary in St. George are using technology to create a complete learning curriculum; the utilization of screens should be done in control and not at all for children, who are under the age of two, according to a reference by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

A pediatrician, Marty Nygaard, at Red Rock Pediatrics in St. George, stated that he recommends the parents of his patients to restrict the screen time for young children that should be not more than an hour to two a day of any kind of screen time. For children under the age of two, he recommends that they should follow the zero minute screen exposure strictly recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics. He added that the studies are really impressive and show that in every exposure, a child has to screens, there is risks for the child to develop ADD.

He further said that because many movies and TV shows depict graphic violence and other adult material, it is necessary for parents to be aware of the type of screen time their children are having the access to.

With the violence that is shown on TV, studies report that it is pretty obvious that the type of content has a powerful effect on the minds of the children. Hence, it is necessary to show them positive content with strong social messages, he further stated.