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Bakery Ingredients Market to Gain Impetus from Increasing Demand in Emerging Economies

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Published on : Jan 05, 2017

Emerging economies across the world have been exhibiting demand for bakery ingredients at a higher rate in accordance with economic progress. Several companies have been working on improving the nutrient value of bakery ingredients they use. One such attempt made by the manufacturers is conducting exhaustive research on dietary fibers and adding them to bakery ingredients. Dietary fiber is a form of beneficial carbohydrate that aids in the prevention of digestive disorders, obesity, cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

Factors Determining Growth of the Bakery Ingredients:

  • Rapid rate of urbanization, improving standard of living, and advanced levels of consumption among consumers are the key factors fuelling the demand for bakery ingredients among growing economies. As women spend less time in kitchens than at working places, buying bakery products has become a viable option.
  • Preference for a better taste and variety harbors a desire for consuming delicious pastries, cakes, donuts, muffins, bagels and crackers among individuals. Bakery food is popular among children and adults alike. Pizza, bread roll, biscuits, different kind of bread, buns, brownie, cookie, tart, pudding and puffs are some other popular foodstuffs. The rising demand for the aforementioned bakery items will aid in expansion of the bakery ingredient market.
  • In modern times, there is an inclination among consumers towards convenience foods. People opt for bakery products because they are readily available, which in turn contributes to the rise in bakery ingredients market.
  • The increase in the demand for bakery ingredients can be directly associated with the use of quality ingredients is being promoted by manufacturing agencies in order to ensure maximum health benefits to consumers. Health awareness in present times necessitates the need for healthier ingredients in the preparation of bakery treats.

According to the findings of TMR, countries like Brazil and Latin America have been steadily opening up opportunities for the growth of bakery ingredients market. Some of the leading companies engaged in the production of bakery ingredients are DSM, DuPont, Cargill Inc., and Associated British Foods.