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Bai Antiwater: The Latest Launch of Bai Brands in the Overall Functional Water Segment

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Published on : Aug 12, 2015

Bai Brands, a U.S. based beverage company recently launched the Bai Antiwater, which is water infused with antioxidants. The main aim of launching such a product is to work on the principle of “hydration with purpose”. Flavored water falls within the category of functional beverages. The flavors introduced by the company till now have been Tanzania lemonade tea, Ipanema Pomegranate, and Sumatra Dragonfruit. 

However, not very bold flavors are being used in the Antiwater which is specifically meant for healthy purists with preference for water and hydration. Bai Drinks is mainly focused towards functional hydration and the lengthy manufacturing processes involved in manufacturing Antiwater suggest that there is a huge investment of time, commitment, investment, and resources. 

The present portfolio of Bai Brands is based on the antioxidant claims with Bai5 Bubbles and Bai5, which contain extracts of coffeefruit, which is loaded with antioxidants. With the launch of Antiwater, the company will soon be expanding within the segment for bottled water. Antiwater contains special and powerful antioxidant properties and is also fortified with electrolytes which gives it a clean and crisp taste. It is also known by the name of H2.0. 

According to senior officials at the company, such a products will meet the demands of healthy purists, who give greater importance to health and hydration and not just flavor. According sources, the target market for Bai Antiwater is in many ways similar to that of other Bai drinks and beverages. The company however, defines the target market for the former as socially conscious and those with preference for adult flavors. 

The Bai Brands Company has been a rapidly growing one with revenue targets worth US$100 million for the current year. The company successfully attracted investments from other beverage groups such as the Dr. Pepper Snapple Group which had invested in the beginning of 2015.