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Aviation Industry Wants Clearer Skies from Emission Talks

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Published on : Jun 17, 2015

Aviation industry officials state they are already working on cutting down carbon dioxide emissions and trying to improve efficiency of aircraft. 

At the Paris Air Show Bob Lange spoke about the aviation industry being the most proactive in reducing carbon emissions. Aircraft manufacturers and suppliers are bidding to promote their ecological credentials at the 101 year old airfield at Le Bourget. The aviation industries contribution to carbon emissions is 2% but this is estimated to rise with escalation of aircrafts globally and in the fast growing Asian markets. 

The Paris Air Show is ahead by 6 months of the United Nations’ Climate Change Conference in the same Le Bourget venue. In 2016 the International Civil Aviation Organization is anticipated to contemplate on a system that limits aviation emissions after years of differences and indecision.

The aircraft manufacturers and airlines hope for defined measures that is global market based different from those adopted by EU’s Emission Trading System that has regulated aviation related emissions in Europe from 2012. During the previous week the Obama administration had guaranteed to take regulatory action if the ICAO talks failed. The executive director of the Air Transport Action Group, Michael McGill, feels that the ICAO is progressing positively.

As there is possibilities of 32,000 new aircraft being built in the next 30 years there should be a blend of regulatory measures and technological advancement to reduce the inevitable emissions that will be produced. Estimates from the European Commission and ICAO show that carbon emissions will be 70% higher in 2020 and increase to 300% by 2050. The carbon emissions are not the only kind of emissions that are produced. There are other emissions from aircraft that affect climate such as water vapor, nitrogen oxides and others that have been overlooked. The figures will increase when these emissions are included.

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