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Auto Manufacturers Focus on Building Future Concepts for their Brands

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Published on : Jun 16, 2016

As part of its centenary celebrations, auto manufacturer BMW has revealed four new concepts to give an idea about the future of the company’s brands. Vision Next 100 has been BMW’s way of describing its future brands. Following the footsteps, Rolls-Royce is also revealing its concept. The company’s Vision Next 100 has all the characters of a typical Rolls-Royce including suicide-hinged doors, long hood, and large wheels. Though the future design is different from that of the current models, the heavy usage of carbon fiber, negative space between the wheels, and the interior of the automobile gives it a look of Formula 1 car.

Rolls-Royce Vision Next 100 is Autonomous

The car manufacturer has mentioned that its design of Vision Next 100 will define the future of luxury mobility. Though the interior of the car reveals the signature of Rolls-Royce, it is autonomous and has no pedals, steering wheel or other mechanical linkage. However, the analog clock in the interior of this futuristic concept is the only exception. It is featured prominently in the center of the dash. Furthermore, the futuristic car is devoid of a gasoline-powered engine. The fully electric car sticks to the concept of Vision Next 100. 

It is interesting to note that how the automobile manufacturers are focusing on zero or low emission autonomous cars to reduce the adverse impacts of global warming. While government support has been crucial in the gradual shift of the auto manufacturers to electric vehicles, advancements in technology has also played its part in the rapid adoption of the electric and autonomous cars. Technology giants such as Google are working on the development of self-driven cars. In the near future, technology firms and auto manufacturers are expected to work together on the future concepts in the automotive industry.