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Australia's NHMRC Finds No Direct Correlation Between Wind Farms and Health Problems

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Published on : Feb 24, 2014

A recent review by the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) has concluded that there no reliable evidence can be established between the existence of wind farms and health problems among residents around these installations. The NHMRC is Australia’s topmost medical authority and it had initiated the review in response to several allegations in the recent past that wind farms were causing various health problems. 


While there was no direct evidence of health problems arising from the presence of wind farms, the study did find that there was a link between living close to a wind farm and a certain degree of annoyance that led to people losing sleep. But the NHMRC CEO Warwick Anderson did stress that the evidence linking wind farms and annoyance was weak. He said that the available evidence merely suggests that there is an association between these two factors, and that it doesn’t necessarily point to cause and effect.


During this review, researchers working for the NHMRC reviewed as many as 3,000 published reference works, as well as nearly 500 public submissions that address the issue of noise, electromagnetic radiation, and shadow flicker that is believed to be caused from wind mills.


Last month, the Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbot said that research pertaining to wind farms faces the need to be refreshed and revisited from time to time. Moreover, Australia’s federal government said that it would be willing to allocate funds of up to AUD 100,000 to a new study pertaining to this topic.


At the same time, the NHMRC has recommended that the Australian authorities should adopt a precautionary approach towards regulating wind farms in the country.

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