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Australian Companies Cashing on Chinese Demand for Food and Wine Products

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Published on : Sep 21, 2015

China is one of the most heavily populated countries in the world. This country has millions of consumers, which presents a massive opportunity for companies to capitalize on. In the past few years, the demand for food, particularly healthy food and gourmet food has been growing. Several countries in Europe and countries such as South Korea and Australia are capitalizing on this opportunity.

Various organic food and vegetables are imported from Europe to China. In addition to this, many dairy companies from neighboring countries such as South Korea are providing milk and related products in China. In the past few years, many Australian companies have entered the Chinese market. Many deals between Australian firms and the Chinese government were struck, which lets the firms from Australia to offer products such as wine and others in this fastest-growing economy.

The number of products from Australia such as food, wine, vitamins, and even skin products have received a massive response. These products can be seen available in stores in the Chinese market. Now this has led to another trend - a majority of Chinese consumers are ordering the aforesaid products online from Australian companies’ sites and other shopping sites. According to the marketing manager for Simplicite, the purity of the products made in Australia has found a strong market in China.

According to the manager, the sales for all Asian market are demonstrating a growth of 20 to 30 per cent each year. Around 39 per cent of online shoppers from China have purchased Australian products in the past on big online market places such as VIP.com, Taobao, TMall, and JD.com.

A Chinese consumer based in Shanghai can now order a carton of Australian milk and it gets delivered to the consumer’s door in three hours. According to the Mr. Moore, the eCommerce commissioner for Austrade Shanghai, increasing number of consumers in China are taking advantage of the improved technology and distribution to boost the goods online