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Australian Budget Robot wins Amazon Robotics Competition

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Published on : Aug 01, 2017

Amazon has always been on the forefront when it came to innovation and taking risks along with praising innovators and risk takers. The Amazon Robotics Challenge is one such competition which is eagerly awaited by many budding innovators and entrepreneurs of the future which was introduced in 2015. The 2017 competition was won by Cartman which is a budget friendly bot from Australia. The event was held in Japan. This robot triumphed the contest with its features such as stowing warehouse goods, picking them up, and also identify the goods. This robot was specially designed from scratch just so that it could be displayed in the annual challenge. It used a drastically different designed as compared to the past winners.

More about Cartman

As an alternative to a conventional robotic arm, the designers of Cartman used rather a sliding mechanism that vertically picked up the products in concern. Cartman was made by the Australian Centre for Robotic Vision (ACRV), a group which basically hails from the Queensland University of Technology, the Australian National University, and the University of Adelaide. The winners walked with a cash prize of US$80,000. The parts used for making the robot were cheaper as compared to the traditional industrial robots. It has the capacity to be built under US$23,935 including the sensors. This fact was revealed by Professor Jonathan Roberts who is the lab leader at the Queensland University of Technology.

Amazon’s step to welcome open solution to automate tasks was attended by 16 teams from almost 10 different countries.