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Audi S6 Work with Four Cylinder to Reduce Emissions

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Published on : Jun 05, 2015

In a bid to boost the fuel economy and cut down on carbon dioxide emissions, several automakers are embracing the technique of downsizing engine displacement. However, have automakers gone too far to make this possible? The latest Audi 2016 A6 Sedan weights around 4000 pounds and is powered by an engine that features a 2-liter four-cylinder engine. This model from Audi is a facelift from the 2016 model year and the restyling of grille and parking lights can be observed. Further, the infotainment system along with the engine power output has received an upgrade too.

This little 2 liter engine from Audi uses a turbocharger and a direct injection that features refinements and bring the output up by around 252 horsepower and torque of 273 pound feet. This engine’s turbocharger utilizes an electric waste gas that was previously mechanically controlled. This feature lets the Audi model to better control the turbo present at various engine speeds. The model also features an electric thermostat on the engine which lets the car vary coolant flow thus improving efficacy.

The multimedia system from Audi in the new S6 model has received a generation update using Nvidia’s Tegra 3 Chip that makes processing fast. Also, this system features a 4G data connection. Other cool facilities include Google Earth imager and the Audi Connect services that have the ability to enter destinations from a geo-tagged photo and are able to integrate with the Audi Connect app. The cluster display added in this system can help to conveniently zoom in the instrument and see upcoming turns.

Though, this model from Audi is a great one, it will not be able to satisfy the sport drivers, but is great for those who want a comfortable, high tech cabin for daily driving.