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Audi Forays into Connected Cars in China

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Published on : May 25, 2015

The German luxury car maker Audi is speculating on connected cars in the world’s largest auto market, in pursuit to attract customers and retain customers as demand for luxury high-end cars dwindles.

On Sunday, the company announced its latest offerings¸ which includes the Audi R8 e-tron, world unveiling of a concept supercar. The car boasts of autonomous driving technology features, which frees up drivers to use the internet while driving.

China is looked upon as a substantial market for high end cars that are equipped with this type of technology. 

As per chief executive at Audi ahead of the consumer electronics show CES Asia, to own a connected car is a must. Last week, Audi announced plans of integrating CarLife technology from Baidu for cars sold in China, and also work with Huawei to develop a high speed data module.

As per the Audi chief executive, the company has plans to roll out connectivity strategy aggressively this year. He also added, the company is convinced it would aid to expand market share.

China accounts as the largest market for Audi. Last year, the number of cars sold was 580,000, which was almost 18% above the previous year. In the first quarter this year, the demand for Audis in China dropped by 5.2%, which was somewhat more than the growth in the overall premium category.

As per president of Audi in China, economic slump, particularly the horizontal real-estate market, were major factors influencing the premium segment of the auto market. He also added that the long term potential of the premium car market was promising in China.