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Audi Believes 90% Auto Innovation Owed to Electronics

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Published on : Jun 01, 2015

At the first CES Asia meet held in Shanghai last week, the luxury car maker Audi made statements about the change brought about in the automotive sector driven by the electronics sector. 

As commented by Rupert Stadler, chairman at the company, the automotive sector is experiencing a digital revolution which is faster and stringer than the Industrial; Revolution that happened in Europe 150 years ago. 

As per the chairman, the development in the electronics sector is altering the way the vehicles are engineered, built, and marketed and also the associated collaboration in the making of the vehicle. It’s also significantly impacting the essence of the vehicle itself. 

Further commented by the chairman, the vehicle is much more than hardware, it is a link between the driver and the digital life of the driver, between the traffic infrastructure and the car systems, and most importantly between the customer and the manufacturer.

As per the German luxury car maker, the current mage trends going on in the industry are connectivity, human machine interface, driver assistance, infotainment, and lighting that will at some point lead to autonomous driving systems.

The involvement of the two largest smartphones platforms iOS and Android have led to noticeable changes in connectivity and infotainment. The shift will be evident this year, as mass popular brands Hyundai and Chevrolet, with the aid of luxury players will roll out infotainment systems that will be compatible with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto mirroring standards. 

To emphasize, how fast driver assistance systems are converting into self-driving cars, the German luxury car maker offered CES Asia attendees take a ride in one of its vehicles that is under development employing A7 Piloted Driving mechanism.