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AT&T and Tech Mahindra’s Open Source Project to Aid AI App Development

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Published on : Oct 31, 2017

The ecosystem for artificial intelligence (AI) in developed and developing markets is set for exciting times, driven by the launch of open source platform in recent times. With the growing complexity of building AI apps and a fractured AI environment in general, initiatives to create an industry standard for making these apps easily reusable and largely accessible to developers are prerequisites. AT&T Inc., an American multinational conglomerate pioneering in telecom technology, together with Tech Mahindra Limited, an Indian outsourcing and consulting firm, in a press release on August 30, 2017 announced to unveil open source artificial intelligence platform. Known as Acumos, the platform is now hosted by the Linux Foundation and aims for accelerating deployment of AI applications and opening avenues for further innovations.

Platform to Benefit AI Apps Developers

The user-centric platform, launched along with several other cloud initiatives, is initially focused on creating apps and microservices by offering a common framework to developers for creating AI apps and adding value to them. The initiatives by AT&T and Tech Mahindra is aimed toward increasing the accessibility of apps for firms who lack initial resources to build them in-house. According to the release, prospective developers can use Acumos to develop, deploy, and innovate in the area of AI microservices, expediting the creation of sophisticated products. In addition, developers can add a variety of features and curate content.

Next-generation Networking Technology Key Focus

With a marked presence of AT&T Labs in the networking space, the announcement brings this to the forefront. Notably, the platform is architectured on AT&T Network 3.0 Indigo, a trusted environment for sharing data and collaborating for the next-generation internet speeds, including 5G.

As of now, the development of Acumos is in its initial stage with the companies charting a workable governance structure. The platform is initially focused on the industry verticals such as telecommunication, media, and technology, but, over the years the platform will be universally accessible for clients. AT&AT is notably looking to collaborate with other organizations to make Acumos useful and accessible.