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Asian Manufacturers of Bird Spit Coffee Look to Expand Businesses Outside China

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Published on : Feb 24, 2015

A unique blend of coffee is highly prized in China for its supposed health benefits for hundreds of years now. The coffee, called nests is made when the saliva of swiftlets is mixed with coffee and cereal. The Southeast Asian manufacturers of this unique blend of coffee are trying to broaden the delicacy’s appeal across the globe, and are virtuous of increasing their profit margins too.

The nests count among the world's most expensive delicacies and foods, and are sold for nearly $2,500 per kilo gram. Swiftlets, the species of bird that help weave the coffee, are native only to Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

Almost 90 percent of all the bird's nests coffee produced worldwide is consumed in China alone. In China, it is traditionally used in soup, which led to an industry that recorded sales of US$5 billion last year, and which is expected to get doubled by 2020.

Malaysia based Swiftlet Eco Park, one of Malaysia’s largest producers of swiftlet houses, and many other key manufacturer of the bird’s nests coffee want to achieve larger gains by expanding their market and product line outside of China too, where the prices can be largely dictated by importers.

Loke Yeu Loong, the Managing Director of the Swiftlet Eco Park group said that the primary markets for their product are the countries Hong Kong and China. He said that the company is looking to expand in other regions, but in countries from Europe or other parts of Asia do not even know how to cook it.

Swiftlet Eco also produces skin care products, coffee, puddings and candies along with bird's nest. While the company did not mention its exact profits from any of its products in the last financial year, it has mentioned that it generates nearly 20% profit margins from it other products.