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Approval Awaits for Lord Hill as EU Financial Services Chief

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Published on : Oct 08, 2014

Lord Hill from Britain is set to get confirmed as the EU’s chief of financial services. The news comes following Lord Hill’s winning over of critics during a hearing in which he vowed to stop the UK from leaving the EU.

Lord Hill was recalled a second time for a public grilling after he failed to impress the European Parliament the previous week due to his poor grasp of the brief. The move by the MEPs was unprecedented and caused some concern in London.

After a 90-minute performance on Tuesday, senior MEPs that sat on the vetting committee proclaimed Lord Hill was on the verge of approval. The performance was assuring and overtly political with no obvious technical mistakes.

Lowering the pressure on Lord Hill was the decision that followed after the parliament was done with its scheduled hearings and moved towards negotiating a bargain that would let its groups to avoid bloodletting.

Almost six nominated EU commissioners were looking to face serious problems throughout the process. The most vulnerable commissioner was the Slovenian Alenka Bratusek. Alenka was tapped as a VP with the responsibility of forming an EU energy union.

One of the situations being considered by the members briefed on the deliberations was the moving of Maros Sefcovic. Maros is a second term commissioner from Slovakia who was nominated for transport. She is being considered to be moved into her VP slot.

Sylvie Goulard, one of the senior Liberal MEP said Lord Hill took his exercise very seriously and mentioned that it would be unfair to reject him just because of his passport.