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Apple witness Business Decline with Sales Drop by 15%

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Published on : Jan 30, 2019

Apple Inc. has announced its first fiscal quarter result of 2019 and which majorly exhibits decline or fall. However, the company has always celebrated and appreciated its first quarter result of every year and always stated robust growth that marks more profits, revenue and increased sales of iPhone and gradually, that has come to halt if not changed this year.

The Apple’s revenue declined by 5% in the first fiscal quarter result of year 2019, when compared to the same quarter of the past year. The decline in performance is not just limited to revenue, but it also depends on worldwide sale of Apple’s iPhone, Apple’s revenue from China has declined, as Apple’s iPhone sales in China has also been hit.

Apple’s Chief Blames China for Decline in Performance

Apple’s quarterly revenue generate from the worldwide sale of its products. As, the revenue from greater China, which is the most promising market outside the U.S. has also came to decline by 27% from the year-ago quarter. On the other hand, not all bad for the Apple’s products. As on positive note, Apple overall performance of the Apples other products has been increased and revenue from these services has touched an all-time high. Additionally, the revenue accounted from iPad boost by approximately 17% to $6.72 billion.

In spite of of decline in revenue share of the first fiscal of this year, Apple’s share rose by 6% after the announcement of the result.

Apple has blamed China for its sudden decline in the fiscal year performance of the company. The ongoing legal battle between the countries with Qualcomm over illegal patent violation has also affected the overall performance of the Industry. Tim cook, the chief executive officer also revealed further that the company overall performance is declined due to ongoing trade tension among the countries.