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Apple Using Sneaky Tricks, Revealed in its New Update

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Published on : Feb 07, 2019

The recent release of iOS 12 unveiled that iPhone’s operating system will now support 5G E. it’s more like a creative and a clever hand of help with AT&T that is also helping Apple for 5G E branding. The latest iOS beta discloses about its new connectivity icon displayed in the notification bar along the signal strength. AT&T in a number of territories in the United States is rolling out branding for 5G E. the key expectation of customers is faster data transfer speed, which will act as a key differentiator. AT&T is looking forward to covering various hardware that is ruining on the 4G network to 5G E.

How Apple is using the 5G E buzz?

Earlier in 2018, AT&T declared to rebrand loads of 4G LTE smartphones and make them appear as they are on the 5G network. Implying that many technologies are intensely associated with the quicker 5G networks mobile carriers plan that is supposedly being roll out in the coming months are already introduced in the company’s existing 4G network.  Which actually implies that 5G users are already using 4G LTE by stepping up from 4G data speed. But there is huge backlash and confusion of what exactly 5G means. 

And this confusion has been endorsed by Apple with 5G E branding in the latest beta of iOS 12. However, AT&T’s 5G E isn’t 5G but the old 4G network coming up with a confusing name for those having specific devices where 5G service will eventually come into existence. In the coming years, 5G will be a big selling point for various manufacturers and a discussion point in the Mobile World Congress.

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