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Apple to Replace Intel Chips with its Own Chips in Its Computers

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Published on : Apr 03, 2018

Apple plans to make a shift from the Intel chips it had been using until now to chips manufactured by Apple itself. A similar shift had taken place in 2005 when Apple shifted to Intel chips from Motorola and IBM’s chips. During that phase, the companies who used intel chips in their computers had a performance advantage. In the current times, Apple’s laptops that have Intel chips are getting trounced by Apple chips inside iPads and iPhones, which could have a severe impact on the users. Hence, Apple’s decision to shift to its own chipsets is a sensible one and may ease the working of Apple products.

Syncing Apple Computers and Mobile Devices

Apple plans to begin using its own chips for its computers in 2020, and the speculation has already been troubling Intel investors. Although Intel has not commented on the new development by Apple, it is expected that the former would be hugely affected by Apple’s move. The main intent behind this reform by Apple is to offer synchrony between Apple’s computers and mobile devices. However, the success of this move by Apple largely hinges upon the performance of the chipsets with Apple’s computers. On the other hand, Intel’s chips have not fetched any substantial results on the performance front and the company now faces a threat of elimination from competitors.

Advantages of Homegrown Chips

Apple has been reaping the advantages of making its own chips for a long time now. It successfully replaced Qualcomm processor chips and Imagination Technology Group’s processing chips. It would be interesting to see the course that Apple takes post the new reform.