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Apple to Quantum Leap into Augmented Reality Embedded into iPhones

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Published on : Aug 07, 2017

Apple has been setting the stage for a springboard into augmented reality (AR) with its next big act. It could be more of a mass-market phenomenon than just a geeky sideshow. Later in 2017, the company has been expected to embed AR-ready technology into iPhones. This could possibly allow a rush of new apps to take place that blur the line between digital representation and reality in imaginative and novel ways. New AR apps have been anticipated to show face in the near future as software developers get helped with an AR toolkit tucked in the release. However, these apps could exclusively function only on iPhone 6S and following models, including the next-generation iPhone, besides iPad Pro and 2017 iPad.

Apple’s Entry to Precipitate Growth of AR Technology in Future

Digi-Capital technology consulting managing director, Tim Merel has believed that the AR field will be catalyzed by the entry of Apple. The firm has predicted AR to snowball into a US$83.0 bn market by the end of 2021, from an only US$1.2 bn in 2016. This estimation could mean there could be more than just AR software to up the ante, something more cutting-edge such as high-tech glasses. Apple’s rival companies such as Microsoft have also been prognosticated to step in with novel offerings such as HoloLens headset.

Assuming an approximate 90.0% of Apple devices powered with iOS install the new software version next month, nearly a 300 mn users will be able to access AR. If this trend continues, Apple could also start producing AR-specific devices.