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Apple teams up with IBM for Watson-Core ML Integration for Smarter App

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Published on : Mar 20, 2018

Machine learning products and services are making corporate apps smarter and faster, creating new avenues in business apps development for developers. For most of the part, these trends have been propelled by stalwarts with the likes of Apple, Cisco, and IBM entering into partnerships. Apple Inc. and IBM seem unlikely partners but for around four years they have been working at close quarters and built scores of business apps on iOS devices. The offerings are increasingly the result of efforts of combining the vast enterprise expertise of Apple with that of amazing design sense of the other. The recent unveiling takes the partnership to new heights.

The two companies announced in March that they have entered into a collaboration to develop artificial intelligence service, aimed at simplifying the development of business apps for enterprise customers. With this collaboration, the companies intend to combine IBM Watson artificial intelligence (AI) platform with Apple Core ML, the machine learning framework used by Apple across its products. The new service is intended to make the business apps running on flagship Apple devices such as iPhones and iPads more intelligent. 

Partnership enables Businesses to develop Corporate Apps Themselves

Apple aims to leverage the vast potential of IBM’s enterprise technology to not only develop business apps but also help hundreds of developers to capitalize on the opportunities to develop corporate apps themselves for specific needs. For long, the American multinational technology company based in California has been trying to break even in the consumer markets but made only little headway. The company finds focusing on business customers a new way to enter the market. IBM’s Watson will enable customers develop and train a machine learning model and incorporate it into Apple apps using the Core ML converter tools. With this, developers world over can take the advantage of Core ML integration features.

Machine Learning-Powered Apps to Pave Way for New Business Processes

Of note, Core ML was unveiled at Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in June last year and has since been the choice for many coders to build AI-powered apps. The integration into the Apple devices will be facilitated by cloud console offered by IBM, paving way for new smartphone-based machine learning-powered tools for apps. The efforts also builds on innovative approaches for using data and analytics for developing new businesses processes.