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Apple Spends US$30 Million to Acquire Vrvana, AR Headset Startup

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Published on : Nov 22, 2017

Apple has acquired Vrvana, a Canadian startup, to reportedly get some help for shipping an augmented reality (AR) headset by 2022 as it ramps up work. The acquired company is the creator of the Totem headset, which had received huge plaudits but never been shipped. According to sources, the acquisition has been closed at a US$30.0 million. Several employees of the startup have joined Apple in California. However, the startup site has still been up and running. Nevertheless, it has stopped updating news and social accounts since August.

It is uncertain which of the startup’s existing products or services would be making their way to Apple. As for now, the only product of the startup that everybody knows about is the unreleased Totem headset.

Apple Reported Double-digit Growth in AR in Last Earnings

Until today, Apple has been objectively critical about the state of AR and virtual reality (VR) hardware in the market. Its statement in response to whether it has been building a headset shows that it has talked down its own status in the competition. However, one could not say that the tech giant has been dull about the AR space. The even more sophisticated range of cameras on the iPhone instead of a dedicated device and the company’s iOS-based ARKit SDK have been evident of the interest in AR largely manifested. Plus, the company has a plentitude of patents that point out its growing interest.

Apple has been taking on more acquisitions to develop its AR and VR portfolio. For instance, it acquired SMI in June. Other acquisitions have included Faceshift, Emotient, Metaio, and Flyby Media.

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