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Apple May do Away with Fingerprint Reader

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Published on : Jul 05, 2017

As per fresh rumors, Apple may do away with its fingerprint reader altogether and make use of face unlocking technology. This move will mark the shift from touch ID, which was a mainstay in Apple phones since the release of 5S in 2013. It is suspected that there will be 3D sensing for facial recognition, which falls perfectly in line with the other rumors about Apple purchasing tons of 3D cameras for devices.

Apple’s 10th Anniversary Plans

The recent speculation of the company opting for an all-display design and doing away with the fingerprint reader could actually be true considering it Apple’s plan for 10th Anniversary. However, Apple’s interest in 3D sensing can also be due to the rising trend of augmented reality. Apple has already made waves with it ARKit development platform.

Face Scanning Technology Currently Under Test

As per rumors, the face scanning technology is still being tested and might not be a part of the new device. Building the technology on 3D scanning will make it difficult to spoof a compared to 2D technology. Thus, a feature which is tied so closely with authentication for payment will not be something that is rushed into the market by Apple. The rumor that infrared modules will be used on iPhones has been doing the rounds for a while now and this technology may show up in Apple’s next model. Apple’s move towards adopting a technology that does not rely on visible light can help solve the problem dealing with low light.

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