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Apple Likely to Face a Ban as Qualcomm Alleges Infringement

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Published on : Jul 07, 2017

Qualcomm could potentially be able to ban the sale of certain iPhones in the near future if it were to win its latest legal battle. The chip-making company lodged a complaint against Apple with the US International Trade Commission state that iPhone have infringed on about six of Qualcomm’s mobile patents. Part of the allegation and the filing also states that Qualcomm wants ITC to stop import of specific iPhones that are not embedded with Qualcomm chips as well as ban the phone maker from selling products that are already brought to the United States.

Qualcomm Heads to ITC to Seek a Ban on Apple Phones

The devices that are likely to suffer with this suit are iPhone 7 and 7 Plus that are operating with T-Mobile and AT&T. Sale of some of the iPads is also likely to take a hit in the coming months. Qualcomm alleged that Apple is using the company’s intelligence and technology and not paying for it. Thus, to safeguard their interest, Qualcomm had to move to the ITC. The complaint will be assessed from August and trial is likely to commence by 2018, which means the ban will only happen after 18 months.

Presently, Qualcomm is also pursuing another patent infringement cases in Southern District, California. However, Apple has an opposite take on the aforementioned matter. The phone-making giant stated that Qualcomm is engaging in illegal business, which is severely hampering Apple and the whole industry. Apple stated that it is willing to pay a fair price for the technology it is using, but they have got nothing to do with intellectual property infringement.