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Apple Expands Environmental Initiatives to China Manufacturing

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Published on : May 11, 2015

According to the latest report published by a local daily in China, Apple on Monday announced a significant decision of expanding its environmental responsibilities through its unit in China. The plan slated by Apple includes the creation of 1 million acres of environmentally managed forest, and construction of eco-friendly infrastructure for offices, manufacturing units, and retail stores, which will run on clean energy. 

What is to be called as a managed forest initiative will be taken forward in collaboration with World Wildlife Fund China. This is slated to be a multi-year plan with the sole objective of bringing Apple closer to its ultimate target of ensuring zero-net impact on the virgin fiber of the world. China, which is easily the largest timber importer of the world, will also benefit from the project that will grow and harvest trees in within the country itself and in a more environmentally sustainable manner. 

Speaking about their new venture targeting to utilize the benefits of nature, without hampering its prosperity, the head of Apple’s environmental efforts department, Lisa Jackson said, forests is a renewable source just like other natural forms of energy. Speaking on behalf of the organization she said, they believe that they can easily run on energy obtained from naturally renewable sources, and in doing so not only will the enterprise fulfill its business objectives, but will also ensure to protect and create a huge resource of sustainable working forest required to produce virgin paper for the purpose of product packaging. She said, the decision to create a managed forest in China, is a step taken by Apple towards fulfilling its aim and commitment to make the world better than what they have found it. 

Apart from the managed forest program in China, Apple also revealed the details about its upcoming 40MW solar farm project to be established in Sichuan Province. Through this project again in China, Apple promises to generate enough solar energy to power equivalent of sixty-one thousand Chinese homes.