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Apple Acquires Shazam, Promises to Make App Ad-free for All

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Published on : Sep 25, 2018

Popular song identification app, Shazam has been successfully acquired by Apple. It was last December when the tech giant made its intentions clear about the acquisition of Shazam. The deal was said to reach a US$400 million with the acquisition of the app company and its development team. It was temporarily put on hold because of a European Union investigation to scrutinize over possible antitrust worries. However, earlier this month, the deal received the green signal from the authorities. According to Apple, all ads will soon be removed from the Shazam app. This could also be applicable to the Android version.

Shazam Downloaded over 1 Billion Times around the World

Predating the smartphone we know today, Shazam became popular after people started to carry internet-connected devices that could play music. As per an Apple press release, Shazam is used more than 20 million times in one day and has collected downloads of over 1 billion across the globe. During its time, Shazam gave one of the coolest demos of what a mobile app could do. It has been in existence since the early days of the App Store. However, the key feature of this app is now being taken for granted as it is available on a number of other apps today.

The free version of Shazam includes some annoying ads. However, with the future update, Apple will ensure that it makes the app more interesting to users. But, it is still unclear whether there will be buy links to Amazon and Google Play Music in the app.