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Appeal for Sanitization in Construction Industry through Government Regulations: CIOB Ghana

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Published on : Oct 29, 2014

Rockson Dogbegah - The Chairman of the Chartered Institute of Building Ghana commented that the construction industry needs a thorough cleaning up and assurance of proper growth. Mr. Dogbegah also said that a few factors are extremely important for a proper development in the construction industry. These include keen adherence to standards, supreme sense of professionalism, and sheer pursuance of innovation. Discussions were held at a meeting in Accra – for the 12th Building Construction and Property Exhibition. 

In today’s 21st Century, these three qualities in industry business are extremely vital. They are inevitably the lifeline of sustainable prosperity that fuels high security and attracts investors. He also said it is this trio of values that will enhance prosperity and growth of cranes in the skies, and expand backward linkages to global economies and furnish more job offerings within the construction industry. 

Mr. Dogbegah commented on the theme ‘The Next Construction Revolution.’ It encompasses Innovation, Standards in Africa, and Professionalism, and justifies all new construction revolution in Africa. He noted that fast growth of villages in cities of Africa has propelled maximum growth into construction along with population explosion. 

According to the CIOB Ghana Chair, thorough decree of appropriate laws and regulations will lead the way to standards, professionalism, and innovation in the construction industry. 

All such developments require appropriate attention that would ensure thorough quality of infrastructure is put into the construction industry to test severe challenges.  
Mr. Dogbegah is associated with Berock Ventures Ltd as the company’s Chairman and Founder, and according to him the Building Construction and Property Exhibition theme is a great opportunity represented for leading industry players in order to find new ways to address challenges and discuss growth and development of the industry. It is also an effective source to address challenges that restraint the smooth growth of construction industry. 

By engaging fairly in this networking, he made sure all patrons establish right contacts and develop opportunities to promote their businesses.

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