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Antacids May Lead to Greater Risk of Bone Fractures

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Published on : Mar 30, 2015

Latest observations and research studies have pointed out that a major chunk of the American population who take to antacids and acidity medicines that are available over the counter are at a high risk of suffering bone fractures and cracks. The latest report from Forsyth discusses that the stomach acid present in the gastrointestinal tract has a very important role to play since it enables the intestines to absorb and also transfer calcium right up to the skeletal system of the human body. 

The introduction of antacids that are based on the proton pump inhibitor decrease the acid levels within the stomach and gives relief to people. The lowering of the same hampers and may even stop the stomach from absorbing the calcium that the body needs. The connection that exists between bone fractures and inhibitors that are proton based has been established quite well by the FDA in the year 2010 that called for a warning label on all the products that were packaged. Other research studies have indicated that such medications can also block absorption of other vital nutrient. 

However, hitherto it was unknown why or for that matter how such a thing was taking place within the human body. Bone mass regulation via the gastrointestinal system and tract is basically an example of the important, crucial, and unexpected relationship that exists between both these systems and it being appreciated only at the present time. This in fact, could enable doctors and researchers to understand and come up with newer ways of treating some of the commonly occurring clinical conditions that at present need medications that are linked to bones that are weak, like popular antacids. 

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