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Android Founder, Andy Rubin to Launch AI Powered Phone that can Text on Your Behalf

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Published on : Oct 12, 2018

The Android founder, Andy Rubin is now working on a smartphone that will work on Artificial Intelligence. Essentials, a consumer startup started by him is now working on a smartphone that will be capable of mimicking the user and can automatically respond to messages.

This smartphone is expected to have a smaller screen just like the initial days when mobile phones were introduced. The small screen will help users to interact mainly using voice commands, in concert with Essential’s artificial intelligence software. According to the interview given to Bloomberg, the idea behind this effort is that the phone can make appointments, respond to emails, and text messages on its own. Moreover, users would also be able to make phone calls from the planned device.

Last year in an interview, Rubin said that if he can introduce a phone that acts like a virtual version of a person, he could also make a phone that can do the work according to your command without you touching your phone.

Although Rubin is not a public figure, he is considered an influential figure than Steve Jobs. In 2017, the global share was 85% in just smartphones, which excluded the fact that Android is also embedded in car stereos, tablets, and smart home devices and many more devices.  

This the third attempt by Rubin after he started Essentials. Moreover, this attempt may help Rubin to stay afloat and benefit the struggling company.